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At Lumiere we offer unmatched excellence in today’s market, giving you the tools to enhance your health and harness your inner radiance by using the highest quality CBD products available.

Whether you’re seeking a supplement to bring you into better balance, or looking for a specialty product that targets pain, anxiety, or sleep disturbances, we have the premium CBD solution to support your needs.

Take control of your journey to your highest self by including a quality CBD product in your wellness regimen.

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Happy Customers

“I have been living with residual pain and ongoing back, neck, and hip issues from a serious car accident that happened in 1996. I have sought out services and products to aid in rehabilitation and pain management for over 25 years. I was absolutely amazed and thrilled when I tried Lumiere’s Calming Lavender Pain Relief CBD Lotion.”
Jill Fraser
“Within minutes I noticed significant pain reduction. It is soothing and unlike many products, it smells and feels calming, soothing and pleasant. I highly recommend this product. I have been using it daily since I was introduced to it. It has been a terrific asset to my well-being, and I have come to appreciate its positive impact on my daily quality-of-life for which I am deeply grateful.”
Megan Shepard
“After a few months of supplementing with Lumiere, I have undergone a mental health transformation. My mom and dad decided to try it and got real relief from pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Thank you for healing my family - I cannot be more grateful for this product.”
Markianna Jones

Our Mission

To Illuminate The World Around Us

In French, Lumière means light. The entire purpose of our mission reflects around that facet — to illuminate the unique and perfect light within each of us.

When we glow with health, strength and vitality, we light up the world around us.

We connect our energy to the very heartbeat of humanity, enabling ourselves to serve our highest potential. We live, enlightened.

Premium CBD For Whole Being Wellness

Our Health Is Our True Wealth

The way to shine brightly is by making whole-being wellness a priority in our day-to-day lives.

We need to create balance in mind, body and spirit in order to shine from within.

Supplementing with high quality Lumière CBD products helps fulfill that intention.

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The Lumière Journal
The Lumière Journal

CBD Lotion For Topical Uses

Topical use of CBD soothes aching muscles and joints quickly and effectively, which can ease chronic pain, provide post-workout relief, treat points of injury, or be enjoyed in massage after a long day. When applied to the skin, CBD products permeate the skin barrier and are absorbed in a way that allows it to work on a cellular level. Once absorbed, CBD infused creams interact with various receptors to restore balance to sources or locations of discomfort or tension. Not

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The Lumière Journal

CBD Oil For Pain Relief

Researchers have concluded that acute and chronic pain relief are among the top reasons people choose to supplement with CBD oil. According to studies, CBD oil can reduce both pain and inflammation by preventing the delivery of inflammatory agents like glutamate, which is known to cause damage to the brain. This has helped CBD oil to earn its title as a neuroprotective supplement. CBD products have also been shown to enhance anandamide signalling. Commonly known as the ‘bliss molecule,’ anandamide

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The Lumière Journal

CBD Oil For Internal Health

Because CBD products work in relationship with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is responsible for receiving and processing nutritional cannabinoids, it affects all parts of the human body in a positive way. The ECS is a master regulator of all of our internal anatomical systems, and dictates their functionality and how well they’re working — both individually and together. Studies have shown that a variety of ailments can result when these systems are not balanced and functioning properly. Supplementing with

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The Lumière Journal

CBD Oil For Sleep

Insomnia affects millions. Whether due to external factors, emotional unease, or illness, CBD oil has been shown to help alleviate various sources of sleeplessness. Specifically, CBD oil has been studied for its potential in easing sleeplessness that stems from anxiety disorder, mental health issues, depression, PTSD, side-effects of medication, physical illness, chronic pain or pain from injury, cancer and cancer treatment, restless leg syndrome, stimulant effects of caffeine, and environmental issues like uncomfortable sleeping arrangements or loud noises. Researchers have

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