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CBD Dosage

CBD oil dosage is an ongoing conversation in the CBD community. There is no precise science in determining the perfect dosage of the right CBD oil for a person.

When it comes to taking CBD oil, it’s commonly believed that CBD oil dosage is based primarily on body weight. Yet this is not entirely true for dosing CBD. When it comes to how much CBD is the perfect dose for a unique individual, determining the right amount is what makes CBD both safe and efficient.

For instance, a 350 lb man might find a 4000 mg product to be too potent, because he is new to CBD, or sensitive in general. And a 100 lb woman may find a 4000 mg product to be a perfect fit, because she’s been using CBD for years, has built a physiological relationship with CBD, and her arthritis pain has increased over the years — as does her need for more support. 

As such, finding the perfect dose of CBD oil for you is determined by a combination of a variety of factors. How much CBD oil you take depends on the following:

  • Your individual sensitivity
  • The health conditions being treated
  • Your body weight
  • The CBD oil concentration/potency of the product you choose

To figure out your ideal dose, we recommend the ‘Start Low + Go Slow’ approach. Keeping a daily journal of your  daily dose and what you observe is a great way to monitor and adjust — until you figure out the perfect amount for yourself. Start with 1/2 of our recommended dose for one week, and be sure to journal your experiences.

If, after a week, you feel comfortable with taking CBD oil at a half dose, you can increase by 1/4. Are you noticing more benefit? Stay here for another week, and then move up to our full recommended dose. You can keep experimenting and recording your results for as long as you like. This journal work will assist you in figuring out which dose is helping you most. 

Studies have also shown that taking more CBD oil does not always mean better results. Different endocannabinoid receptors are triggered with different doses. While one dose may make you clear-minded and focused, another dose may make you feel drowsy. And yet another dose may be more effective at easing or eliminating pain in the body. It’s why incremental experimentation is the best approach to working with CBD products. CBD treatment is different for everyone.