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How To Take CBD Oil

Lumiere offers a complete product line with both ingestible CBD oil and topical lotion, so that the benefits of CBD products can be experienced in a variety of ways.

When using our CBD oil, we encourage clients to hold the supplement under their tongue for 30 seconds as opposed to swallowing the oil. Because each of our oils contains a unique, complex terpene profile specific to the ailment needing support, the presence of terpenes is pivotal for effective supplementation. As terpenes can mildly irritate the throat in some sensitive users, holding oil under the tongue creates an even distribution and easeful way to administer oil without irritation. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that the bioavailability of ingesting CBD oil may be increased when oil is held for 30 seconds under the tongue.

When using our topical lotions, CBD oil is absorbed through the barrier of the skin. Once permeated, CBD oil interacts with the body’s receptors and works on a cellular level, restoring comfort to areas of the body that generally hold pain, discomfort, or tension. In addition to easing muscle aches, arthritis, pain due to injury, or other inflammatory conditions, a CBD lotion may also help hydrate dry skin, smooth blemishes, and even initiate new cell growth in the skin.