CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of more than 100 different cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant. It is also the most dominant cannabinoid, working in synchronicity with the Endocannabinoid System to help keep our bodies in a state of homeostasis — creating a balanced environment where all anatomical systems and organs can work together efficiently to maintain optimal health.

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds which are found in the hemp plant. There are more than 115 known cannabinoids, and new ones are continually being discovered. The most prominent cannabinoids are CBD and THC — but others are becoming more well-known, including CBN, CBG and CBC. When extracted from the hemp plant, these cannabinoids can either be isolated or kept together. Each of the various cannabinoids, or combinations of cannabinoids, yields a different response in the body once attached to the receptors in the Endocannabinoid System.
An isolate refers to anything that is its own singular compound, and has been separated from other compounds. Isolating an individual compound from the hemp plant involves a scientific process where cannabinoids are first isolated and then extracted. At completion, the extraction process usually yields a bright white powder. Isolation has proven extremely beneficial when making custom formulations, as it allows specific compounds to be hand-picked and removed, in order to scope-in on specific ailments that are most supported by unique compounds. An isolate usually holds a 99% potency rate, and does not present a strong odour or taste — as terpenes, and the high-scent and -taste profiles associated with them, have been removed.

A full spectrum CBD product results from an extraction of the hemp plant wherein all the plant’s compounds are kept together and in-tact. The result of these compounds remaining together yields what is known as the Entourage Effect. It is essential that all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are present to induce this effect, which boosts medicinal efficacy — most notably in cases where chronic, severe or complex health conditions are present. While full spectrum products contain a very small amount of THC, this amount is so low that it is almost untraceable. Full spectrum CBD products offer a very potent cannabis door, due to the terpenes still being present in the final product, and usually contain about 80-95 percent CBD. Our Premium CBD Oils offer a full spectrum benefit.

Terpenes are essentially the oils found in plants and trees, and are responsible for yielding detectable aromas and tastes in substances — but they also contain therapeutic benefits. Studies have shown that when terpenes interact with cannabinoid receptors, they can either benefit or interfere with the effects of different cannabinoids. CBD products that are high in terpenes are now sought-after, and professionals are constantly enhancing terpene profiles by preserving their levels. Terpene profiles allow us to understand why individuals with certain health conditions benefit more from one CBD product over another, with many noticing that the presence of a full spectrum of terpenes as well as cannabinoids is more effective than isolated cannabinoids.
The term ‘select terpenes,’ describes a carefully selected combination of terpenes taken from the hemp plant, which are used in combination to assist in individual ailments that a product is targeting. By isolating specific terpenes, Lumière has created unique formulas with ailment-specific terpene complexes. Each individual terpene chosen has been researched extensively, so that the precise amount of each terpene needed is added to our formulas to achieve noticeable healing benefits.

Nano-encapsulation is a method that has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for several decades to increase the bioavailability of hydrophobic (non-water soluble) ingredients, such as CBD. Since the efficacy of CBD is determined not only by dosage, but by the bioavailability of the compound — or how much of the compound enters the bloodstream — nano products are superior, especially in the case of large-breed mammals like humans. As an example, a CBD product with 40% bioavailability will have four times the effective dosage of a product with 10% bioavailability.

Nanoencapsulation encases microscopic amounts of CBD in a water-soluble shell, and thus is easily dissolved in water. This substantially increases CBD’s bioavailability in the body. Sublingual absorption with nano technology allows CBD to directly enter the bloodstream, via blood vessels in the lining of the mouth. The body digests and absorbs nanoencapsulated CBD as it would any food. But because the size of the emulsion is so small, CBD is made instantly available and is absorbed without relying on enzymes or digestive activity for breakdown. This immediate absorption means CBD is able to reach and connect to receptor sites prior to passing through the liver and being metabolized. And the effects of the product are less dependent on factors like diet or feeding schedule, generating more predictable, consistent effects.

Compared to other products, nanoencapsulation also keeps CBD indefinitely stable, increasing the shelf life of the product.

No. All CBD products made from the hemp plant are proven to be non-addictive and non-habit forming. If at any point in time a person chooses to discontinue using CBD, there will be absolutely no negative effect from that discontinuation.


CBD products should be stored in a cool, dry place, without overexposure to extreme hot or cold/freezing temperatures. Our products have a shelf life of about one year from their date of manufacture, when stored properly. (After the one-year mark, products do not become ‘rancid,’ but simply decrease in potency and efficacy). For the best results, our products should be used in the 1-year window from date of manufacture.
We believe in full transparency, and always make our Certificates of Analysis available to our customers. Please contact us to request COA reports.
The Entourage Effect occurs only in full spectrum CBD products (our Premium CBD Oil). This is because in a full spectrum oil, every compound found in the hemp plant is present in the final product. The presence of these components together facilitates a symbiotic relationship, wherein all compounds work together to be more effective. Studies have shown that a wider range of health concerns, as well as more serious/advanced conditions are better supported by a full spectrum CBD product.
We believe Lumière’s formulations to be the most premium CBD products in today’s market. This means any and all persons interested in CBD for wellness — whether new or long-term users — will observe more noticeable improvement when using a line that puts greatest emphasis on quality, clean extraction methods, legacy knowledge, and ethics.
Not sure which of our products is the best fit for your individual needs? Follow this link to access our Unique Product Fit tool.
For Lumière, it comes down to formulations. Each formulation in our product line is completely unique. The careful selection, and combining of, individual cannabinoids and terpenes is something that no other brand is doing. We’ve coined this process Cannabinoid Stacking. While the CBD market itself may be oversaturated, we feel we stand alone, and prefer to refer to ourselves as a cannabinoid company. Our team of legacy professionals has extensively researched every single component used in our products, so that we are able to manufacture a line completely unique — and one that simply does not yet exist in today’s marketplace. We believe in utilizing every component of what the hemp plant has to offer, and formulating stand-alone products through our team of cannabinoid experts and their decades of knowledge.


The only product in our line that contains THC is our Premium CBD Oil. This oil contains trace amounts of THC (0.3%), and when taken at our recommended dose (calculated by a person’s weight), there is no chance of experiencing any feelings of being ‘high.’ Our formulations, concentrations and dosing protocols have been developed to utilize THC’s medicinal and healing properties, and trace amounts are all that is required to harness this value.

However, in some cases, when certain individuals are either completely new to CBD products, or have extreme sensitivities, we recommend starting a bit lower than our recommended dose and increasing incrementally for the first week. For in-depth information about how to start low and go slow, visit our dosing page.

It is important to note that our 4000 mg formulation is only recommended for people who have experience with hemp-based products. For those new to CBD and those who have little experience, our 2000 mg formula is a more ideal fit.

Although there are only trace amounts of THC in our 4000 mg concentration, if taken above our recommended dose (calculated by a person’s weight), a user may experience mild effects of THC. Those working with CBD products for the first time should start at a lower concentration (our 2000 mg), take a dose lower than our recommended dose, and increase slowly over time. This low-and-slow method allows time and space to assess unique sensitivities and come to a perfect dosage safely — without any unwanted effect, such as lethargy. We recommend our 4000 mg blends for those who have already worked with CBD products for a length of time, or for those who have more severe/complex ailments and need more support.
Our Sleep Aid formula utilizes highly-concentrated CBD, with an added boost of individually-isolated terpenes and nutraceuticals specifically known to support sleep disorders. We recommend using Sleep Aid about 30-40 minutes before bedtime, as it takes approximately this long before feelings of relaxation and calm are experienced.
We advise against taking CBD products during pregnancy (and also during breastfeeding), largely due to the fact that its effects on a developing fetus (and breastfed newborn) are relatively unknown, as they have not been adequately studied. Once a child is fully weaned from the breast, a mother can resume CBD supplementation. CBD has also been studied for its benefit in minimizing negative mental and emotional effects during the postpartum period, so we do recommend it as part of a natural postpartum supplementation program, once breastfeeding has ended.
Any time doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical medications are being taken, we advise that you check in with your physician and let them know you’re considering a CBD supplement. While contraindications between CBD products and pharmaceutical medications are extremely rare, if you’ve enlisted the help of a professional physician, it is important that they are aware of any new introductions to your personal wellness program, in order to offer professional opinions regarding potential contraindications.

Some individuals are considered to be more sensitive to CBD products than others. This is why we recommend starting at half of your recommended dose for the first few days to a week of administration. If, after this time, you have not noticed any unwanted effect — most commonly experienced as lethargy — you can move up to our recommended dose. If, at any time, an unwanted effect is experienced, simply discontinue CBD, so that these effects subside.

We’ve developed the tools necessary to help you determine your unique and perfect dose. Visit our Dosage page for more information.

Payment & Shipping

As a CBD company, it poses a great challenge to accept credit cards. Most merchant service companies and third-party processing organizations do not support service for businesses in the CBD space. Until this situation changes in e-commerce, e-transfer has proven to be the safest and most consistent form of payment for both parties. Those unable to pay via etransfer can contact us and let us know where you are located. A team member will get back to you with a list of retailers in your area who carry our products, so that you can visit a storefront and pay cash or credit card.
Yes, we ship throughout Canada, to all valid PO Boxes, delivery centres and personal mailboxes.
Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, we are unable to ship CBD products across borders. If or when international regulations change in the future, we will be ready to serve our community outside of Canada.

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