It’s important to note that the dosage advice on this page may differ greatly from what you have read elsewhere. Every product is different, and each company’s dosage recommendations depend on its own ingredient gradation and the concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids contained within. Our dosage recommendations are based on the in-depth understanding of our specific formulations and are not intended to be applied to other products.

Determining the best CBD dose for you is a very personal experience, and the “perfect dosage” is not a precise science. The information below is intended to provide you with the information you need to get started on your healing journey with CBD.

While it’s commonly believed that CBD oil dosage is based on body weight, weight is only one of the many factors that will help you decide the dose for your desired outcome.

The following are some of the factors to consider when deciding what dose is best for you:


While weight should certainly be considered when calculating your dose of CBD, it is not the definitive determinant. For example, a 250 lb individual with no experience taking CBD may find a 2500 mg dose to be quite potent, whereas a 115 lb person with chronic pain who has been taking CBD for years may find that same dose to be ideal. If you have a physiological relationship with CBD and your need for more support (i.e. chronic ailments) increases, so might your doses of CBD. Just as each of our reasons for taking CBD are unique to us, so are our desired outcomes. Remember, start low and go slow.


The speed of your metabolism- the conversion of food into energy- is a factor everyone should consider when determining their dose. The rate of metabolism will determine how long the effects will last in your system. If you understand your metabolism to be slow, then the effects of CBD may last longer. On the other hand, faster metabolisers will experience a more rapid rate of cannabinoid metabolism. Keep this in mind when considering the potency of the dose, the time of day you will administer it, and your goals and intentions for your day.


The absorption of CBD by the body is dependent on the presence of fatty acids in the digestive tract. The more fatty acids present within the digestive tract, the faster the absorption of CBD. If CBD is administered on an empty stomach, it absorbs more quickly. The absence of fatty acids within the body may cause the CBD to pass through the digestive tract and make the effects of oral CBD less potent and effective- so make note of when you last ate when considering your dose.

Dosage + Potency

A product with a higher concentration of CBD will have more powerful effects. The strength of the CBD product will also determine how long it will be effective and remain in the body. For example, a 4000 mg dosage will not only be more potent, it will remain in the body longer than a 1500 mg dosage.

Our recommended approach is to start low and go slow. If you are new to CBD, start with half the recommended dose of the lowest available potency, observing and recording your experience and increasing until you reach your individual desired result. As you develop a physiological relationship with CBD- or if the health conditions you are treating change- so may your dosage and potency needs. There is no one size fits all.

Individual Sensitivity

Everyone’s experience with CBD is different. If you have experience using THC, you may find yourself less sensitive to the effects of CBD. If you have chronic pain, you may need a higher dose of CBD to receive benefits than someone who doesn’t. Your individual history of interactions with cannabidiol in all its forms will affect both your overall sensitivity and what dosage will provide your own unique desired outcome.

Health Conditions

Whether you are taking CBD as part of your whole-being wellness regimen or to treat a specific ailment or health condition will affect both your desired outcome and dosage.
If you are experiencing illness and treating severe pain, you may want to consider a different dosage (and product) than someone who is generally looking to improve their overall wellbeing and achieve homeostasis. If you are treating a specific condition such as insomnia, our Sleep Aid CBD Oil would be a more suitable fit than Clarity + Focus CBD Oil.

Your individual health history and current condition will affect your decisions both on product and dosage. Take the time to read through both the description and the results for our premium and specialty products to determine the best product to fit your profile.

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