Illuminating whole-being health requires truly qualified, precise expertise


Not all CBD products are created equally. And amidst an oversaturation in today’s market, it can be challenging to determine which CBD brand to trust. So what makes Lumière different? Where do we begin?

Tier 1


The quality of CBD products we’ve created is unmatched. No small detail has been overlooked in the sourcing, formulation, ethics, administration protocols, or professional expertise we’ve implemented in creating this line. Our team consists of legacy-based individuals in the CBD sphere, with knowledge that can only be obtained through decades in the industry. We are perfectionists, and our formulations reflect these values. Our health is our true wealth. So when you’re taking a supplement into your body each day, nothing is more important than knowing it is the cleanest, purest, best available.

Every single ingredient in each of our products is sourced with integrity. This means organic, plant-based, and non-GMO. We don’t believe in the use of artificial colourants, flavours or preservatives. We’ve spent countless hours in research and development, testing ingredients from different sources and perfecting their ratios. 

Years of testing various hemp extraction methods has led us to fully backing CO2 extraction. It consistently yields the purest, highest-quality CBD — every time. It allows us to have precise control in our formulations, and ensures that no toxic residual solvents remain in the final product. This includes the absence of butane or other harmful chemicals that could diminish product efficacy or negatively impact health. CO2 extraction supports our planet as well — it is fully recyclable, reusable and efficient, resulting in minimal impact on the environment.

We begin by testing our raw ingredients in a start-to-finish analysis protocol, so that you can be sure of purity from the initial stages of formulation, all the way to the final product. We third-party lab-test only in Health Canada-licensed laboratories — not only for CBD concentration, but for pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins. We believe in full transparency, and we always make our Certificates of Analysis available for customer review. 

Getting our products bottled and ready for market is a meticulous process that requires time, energy, a dedicated team of professionals, and a significant commitment to investment. Which is why many other brands fall short in these aspects. For Lumière, there is no room for anything less than superiority. Our concern is not quantity — it’s quality.

Tier 2


From inception, our company’s mission has been to develop a better product than the rest of what the market could procure. And so we’ve created something that no one else has. We’re combining nutraceuticals with CBD. 

This means that we’re more than just a quality CBD brand — we’re a nutraceutical CBD brand. What are nutraceuticals? They are specific food-derived components — nutrients, herbal products and supplements —  that have been studied for their medicinal properties and their potential to prevent or treat disease. 

CBD’s already-potent healing capacity is fortified even further when partnered with nutraceutical constituents — meaning the potential for whole-being health has been advanced in a way you won’t find anywhere else. 

We’ve hand-picked various nutraceuticals and combined them with CBD in specific blends and formulations — so you can target individual ailments and needs with products tailored exactly to your purpose. 

Lumière products combine the healing benefits of pure, hemp-derived CBD with the restorative effects of nutraceuticals to produce a harmonizing effect within the body, and a synergistic balance on every level. The gifts of nature are here for our benefit, providing a safe alternative to harsh chemicals and man-made products. Our formulas are based on herbal medicines that have been serving human health and wellness for thousands of years.