The story Behind Lumière


In French, Lumière means light. The entire purpose of our mission reflects and refracts around that facet — to illuminate the individual, unique, and perfect light within each of us.

The only way to shine brightly is by making whole-being wellness a priority in our day-to-day lives. We need to create balance in mind, body and spirit in order to shine from within. We know through decades of personal experience that supplementing with quality CBD products serves to help fulfill that intention

Premium CBD To Align Mind, Body + Spirit


Our founders have decades of experience working with CBD and a proven background in mastering and perfecting formulations. We’ve worked with specialists, doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, scientists, and experts in the hemp industry- testing, reevaluating, and refining- to offer you the superior CBD products you’ve found here


Our history in this industry began with a premium CBD line created specifically for pets.

Our clients noted major differences between our pet products and those of other CBD pet brands, and kept asking:

“Can you create a product of the same quality for me?”

Enter a trustworthy line of products created just for you.

When we glow with health, strength and vitality, we light up the world around us.

We connect our energy to the very heartbeat of humanity, enabling ourselves to serve our highest potential.

We live, enlightened.

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